The Yardist's Top Tips For A Spring Clean-Up

With spring (hopefully!) right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about a spring clean-up. Even if you followed my tips last fall to get your yard ready for Old Man Winter, a spring clean-up is necessary to reawaken your yard since it has been dormant for the last few months. Follow these tips to set your yard up for success.

1. Clean lawn debris: Most lawns have dead leaves and other debris that need to be raked. Especially since the leaves dropped late last year around Northeast Ohio, even homeowners who had a fall clean-up will need to get out the rake or blower. In addition to leaves, don’t forget to pick up branches, sticks, rocks and other items that could damage your lawnmower. Use a drop spreader to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to help prevent weeds.

2. Clean up beds: Clear out leaves, dead foliage and annuals from your beds so they don’t foster disease. After the last frost, remove old mulch to clear the way for a new layer later on in the season when you tackle spring planting.

3. Pruning: To promote healthy growth in the spring and summer, take the time to prune your trees, bushes, shrubs and perennials. Make sure you regularly prune throughout the summer to encourage consistent growth.

4. Edging: Clean up the edges of your lawn and beds with a power edger or string trimmer. To redefine beds, use a half-moon or flat spade.

5. Repair bald spots: Repair bald spots on your lawn by reseeding. Rake out dead grass and other debris from the bald spot, spread the grass seed by hand (or use a spreader if you have a larger area to cover), and water to keep the seeds damp until the seeds sprout. You can also apply a thin layer of peat moss on top of the newly planted seeds to keep them moist and encourage sprouting.

6. Composting: If you want to try your hand at composting yard waste, dump your collected leaves, dead foliage, old mulch and other debris into a compost pile. Many home renovation stores sell different types of compost bins. For tips on how to make your own compost bin or if you’re new to composting, check out this article from the DIY Network.

7. Plan your spring and summer plantings: For some tips and ideas for garden beds and flower selections, check our post on designing your own flower garden or our post from last summer on how to improve your curb appeal.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a lush and lovely landscape!

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